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Yandex teams up with Hyundai Mobis for driverless cars

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Update time : 2020-05-26 10:57:28

 Russia's Yandex and Hyundai Mobis Co Ltd, an AUTO PARTS affiliate of Hyundai mechanism Co, agreed ought jointly age direct systems because driverless vehicles, Yandex said above Tuesday.

The companies project ought gift a driverless prototype vehicle based above a measure Hyundai or Kia product model cars ago the aim of the year, a Yandex spokesman said.

In the future, the cooperation aims at house a new autonomous driving direct system because car manufacturers, car sharing services and taxi fleets.

Yandex added they can enlarge into other areas of cooperation such although developing mutual products that used to integrate Yandex's speech, navigation, and mapping technologies.

The Russian corporation began testing self-driving prototypes at 2017 and launched a fully autonomous taxi service final year at the university city of Innopolis and the Skolkovo innovations center.


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