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How to Impress a Guy With Your Knowledge of Cars

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Update time : 2020-04-10 15:39:54

Same old story: You met a guy. You similar him and he likes you....And cars! You expectation to affect this guy, but, you know nothing almost cars. This happens a lot, therefore don't fret! This composition can help!

1. discover out...

1) What is he more interested in? automobile types (Volkswagens, Mercedes Benz, Audi etc.) or car parts (Engines, speed, horsepower). Some guys might even be interested can automobile create (The almost curves - similar a VW Beetle, The slick create - Honda Civic). 

2. if he is interested can automobile types

1) progress to the automobile company website Most of the websites are just the appoint of the automobile maker. read things above the website. "Build your *insert appoint of xerox of car*" sections of the websites are great! if he is interested specifically can one kind of xerox of car, build that one. emerge can entire the colours, the available accessories, how much it costs (Starting and after you figure it filled with items that figure it extra drivable similar automatic transmission, sunroof, winter tires, rims, body-kit etc.)

2) read almost the automobile kind above the internet, can books and others. if you indeed expectation to affect this guy, progress to your local dealership and appeal entire almost the automobile (Pick the one your guy talks almost most) and perhaps even examination motivate it. just don't state your guy you just randomly examination drove, because that's just weird! just talk how it's, example, pleasure to drive, goes large even while above ice, goes up hills with haste etc. etc.

3) attempt buying products that consume the company logo above them. A VW shirt here, a VW cup there. He will almost definitely be impressed!

3. if he is interested can car parts

1) progress to a mechanic and appeal almost car parts. Most friendly mechanics will be more than favourable to state you entire almost engines or other car parts.

2) read a book above car parts i.e. a Haynes manual. There are lots of books because wannabe mechanics and just because nation who like their cars and like taking brood of their cars.

3) acquire some hands above experience(without wrecking your car). There is no agent because it.
  • Note that if you consume a mate who is a mechanic, you are can large luck. They will help you, if they are a good friend!
  • Or you can visit a professional car parts website to get more knowlage about car

4. if he is interested can automobile designs

1) attempt to letter the designs of cars he likes. if he likes the funny, cute create of the VW Beetle, because example, letter that it is circular and has small, rounded, half moon kind windows.

2) know how the method affects the road the automobile moves or performs. A large block of a car, similar the Ford Flex, can slow down the automobile a bit, nevertheless the Honda Civic can progress a tiny faster during it is therefore slick and narrow.
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